“CANZONIERE” our new album out on October 27th!


Casa a mare sign the launch of the new CGS album



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our new album
out on October 27th!

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front cover by Casa a Mare – “Coca-Cola (2015)”

produced by Joe Mardin
label Ponderosa Music & Art

CGS @ Talos Festival!



fantastic experience at Talos Festival! Our thanks to Pino Minafra and at all the artists on stage!

Livio Minafra Michel Godard Nicola Pisani Roberto Ottaviano

Beautiful pics from our unforgettable show in Skopje


Passionate, mesmerising, breathtakingly beautiful closing of OFFest 2016 with the concert of Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino from Puglia, Italia.

Photos: Tatjana Rantasha